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SR 99 Tunnel

SR 99 Tunnel

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Long Painting Company was a key contributor to the completion of the State Route 99 Tunnel project. The company initially undertook the painting of the North and South Operations Buildings, in addition to applying special coatings, floor coatings, and anti-graffiti coatings to both structures.

Within the tunnel itself, Long Painting painted the walls from the top of the traffic barrier to a height of approximately 15 feet, using a two-coat epoxy and urethane coating system. Overall, the company coated a total of 8 miles of walls inside the tunnel.

Aside from the walls, Long Painting also applied concrete stain to the traffic barriers and painted various tanks inside the tunnel that are designated to handle wastewater. The final phase of the project involved the application of concrete stain at the north and south approach structures located just outside the tunnel entrances.

Long Painting Company has demonstrated its ability to manage and execute various aspects of a large and evolving project efficiently.