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PDX Garage

PDX PACR P3 Garage

Vancouver Group

The PDX P3 Garage is a 1.6 million gross square foot, six-story structural steel parking garage that houses rental cars and long-term parking at Portland International Airport.

The majority of the coating work was on the steel structure (metal decking, beams, columns) that supports the garage. With each floor of the garage being the same, the field crews created a sort of ‘assembly line’ as they moved through the space. This allowed them to fine-tune each individual process (building containments, pressure washing, spraying the finish, adding accent colors, etc.) to minimize any inefficiencies.

What began as a massive, dull structure of steel and concrete quickly transformed into a clean, bright, welcoming garage. The labor-intensive paint job is now on display for all travelers (as well as locals) who visit PDX.

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