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Park Tower

Park Tower

Commercial Repaint Group

Park Tower is located in the heart of Tacoma. With bustling sidewalks and busy roads, this apartment tower created an access problem that could only be solved with swing stage access. Coordination was of utmost importance for this project.

Safety was crucial for this project.  Not only did we need to protect our painters, but also frequent pedestrians, and the privacy of tenants.  Overhead protection was installed on sidewalks to achieve this,  with the approval of the city through a permitting process.  Park Tower has nine cell tower repeaters on its roof that required sequenced daily shutdowns to keep the crew away from harmful radiation.

Lastly, we had weekly check-ins that the Long Team provided to the customer so that tenants were notified where the crew would be washing and painting a week in advance. All said and done, this project turned out great. Some might even say that one of “Tacoma’s crown jewels shines a little brighter with its fresh new look.