Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Industrial Coating Project

Long Painting provided preparation and painting of both the new and existing steel on the South Approach. The project challenges were numerous. The South Approach is located directly over the historic Fort Point, a national monument open to the public year-round. Measures had to be taken not to interfere with the parks’ operation and to safeguard the public from the construction operations going on overhead.

This project involved the removal and replacement of several thousand structural connectors and the preparation and painting of both the new and existing steel on the South Approach of the bridge. Each existing connection member had to have the lead paint abated prior to its removal, then the steel beneath abated, prepared and primed prior to the new steel member being installed. Once the connection was repaired, the new steel and the existing bridge members were spot abrasive blasted to SSPC SP-10 condition, spot primed and top coated with an acrylic finish.

The weather was a constant challenge at this site as well– particularly in the summer when the fog storms would blow in from the Pacific at 40 miles per hour making standing on the platforms under the bridge very difficult, especially while trying to apply coatings. Finally, access was difficult working underneath the arch, over the Fort and adjacent to the water. Coordination of each step of removal and replacement of steel with the iron workers while trying to maintain painting conditions was a daily task. The access, weather and protection issues were resolved with the use of micro-containments. Each connection point was rigged for access and contained for protection and environment control so the work could be completed in nearly any weather and access could be shared among all trades involved.