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Commercial Services

Painting & Wallcovering

Overview of Commercial Painting and Wallcovering Services

Long Painting brings over 50 years of painting experience to your new or renovation commercial projects in the greater northwest. Long Painting personnel are trained to work seamlessly with other trades on your project to deliver a high quality paint job, safely, on-time and within budget, all regardless of size and complexity. Long Painting offers a wide range of painting services that allow you the flexibility to hire one subcontractor for a variety of applications. When you are looking for the best overall value on your next painting project, consider Long Painting Company.

Decorative Finishes

Our services range from faux, marbleizing, antiquing, wood graining, and gold leafing to graphics and striping. 

Elastomeric Roof Coating

We are  a certified applicator for several elastomeric roof coating systems. If you are interested in services to help waterproof, cool, and reduce heavy metal zinc runoff, consider elastomeric roof coating for your commercial business.

Intumescent Fireproofing

We provide intumescent fireproofing to protect your exposed structural steel where the aesthetics of cementitious products are not acceptable. Long Painting Company is certified to apply Isolatek International, Carboline, and Albi products.

Lead Abatement

We are a certified safe lead abatement company, meaning we meet or exceed state and federal regulations for the safe removal and proper disposal of lead and other hazardous paints.

On-Call Maintenance Services

Long Painting Company can help you overcome your facilities maintenance challenges resulting from budget cuts, staff reduction, deferred maintenance, expanding geographical areas, and project deadlines. Long Painting has highly trained professionals who are available to help your Northwest based business with its complex projects.

Protective Coatings

Our Company has the certifications, manpower, and equipment necessary to apply a variety of coatings to protect your critical assets. Long Painting offers high temperature coatings, corrosion resistant coatings, and more.

Special Coatings

Special coatings are higher performance coatings that have been developed for a certain protective characteristic or aesthetic features. Long Painting’s staff has received special training and specific certifications in order to apply special coatings. 

Surface Preparation

Long Painting Company offers a wide variety of surface preparation solutions to address the specific requirements of your project. Long Painting can offer surface preparation for lab floors, steel floors, parking decks, and much more.

Wall Covering

We can handle both your painting and wall covering installation requirements for large - medium size tenant improvements, including large hotel renovations! Our experienced craftsmen are trained to install papers, vinyl, acoustic wall systems, murals, foils, and fabrics.

Commercial Projects