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Protective Coatings

Long Painting Company has the certifications, manpower, and equipment necessary to apply a variety of coatings to protect your critical assets. Ranging from corrosion resistant coatings for steel to high temperature coatings for safety to elastomeric waterproof systems, Long Painting has a solution.

We consult with our coatings specifiers and suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, Rodda, PPG, and Carboline to determine the best protective coating for your project. The protective coatings that we use at Long Painting Company include elastomeric, corrosion resistant, and high temperature coating.  These coatings, while protecting the substrate, can also provide beautification and enhanced aesthetics.

One example of the wonders of protective coating can be found at the Husky Stadium in Seattle, Washington. We worked on the stadium and applied corrosion resistant coating to all of the cantilevers to protect the structural steel and elastomeric non-skid traffic coatings to seating decks for waterproofing and safety.

Commercial Projects