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Thank you Ron and Roger!

We are so proud to pay homage to two of Long Painting’s best employees. Both men recently retired from the company and deserve special acknowledgment for their years of service. Roger and Ron, we thank you!

For the past 39 years, Roger Creech has been a dedicated, passionate employee of Long Painting Company. With a strong sense of professionalism, Roger built up an impressive clientele over the years. Many of our customers requested Roger to work on their projects because of his excellent work ethic. Roger’s expertise focused mainly on small to medium sized commercial projects, though he excelled at everything he worked on. Outside of work, Roger’s main passion is bass fishing! We hope he has the free time to fish as often as he wants now that he has retired. Thank you for the many years of genuine service, Roger!

We are so proud to spend some time honoring the great Ron Tate, one of our most dedicated and loyal employees. After 40 years, Ron decided to retire this past February. Throughout his time at Long Painting Company, Ron completed many vital projects including the Coleman Tower, the Swedish Issaquah Hospital, Victoria Apartments, and the Stadium Silver Cloud. At Long Painting, Ron was the dryvit and plaster expert as well as one of the best painting foremen at the company. We always appreciated Ron’s passion for teaching. Ron loved training people in his craft, and in turn, also loved being taught new skills. Even though he has retired, Ron will still teach apprentices at the union throughout the year. Thank you Ron for an incredible 40 years of dedication and hard work!