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Seattle’s Exchange Building

If you are from in or around Seattle, chances are you know all about the Exchange Building. The Exchange Building is a beautiful 22-story art deco building located in the heart of the central business district of the city. Completed in 1930, the building is known for its grandiose architecture. Upon its completion, the Exchange Building was home to some of Seattle’s biggest commodity market exchanges as well as companies like General Electric and Edison Lamp Works. The building was dedicated on May 6, 1930–right after the major stock market. The trading pit still remains to this day.

Long Painting Company became a part of the Exchange Building’s history when we began to work on the renovation of the building this past year. The multi-million dollar exterior renovation consisted mostly on the windows of this 22-story building. The windows required hand tool removal of all of the loose paint chips, lead, dust, and more. Our painters followed Specific Lead Removal protocols to ensure all lead removed was properly handled and disposed of safely while protecting the workers and surrounding environment. We also took care of the priming and painting all while working 10-15 stories on a swing stage. Rolling with 18 inch rollers on a swing stage can be a rough ride. What a worthwhile adventure!

Besides the windows, we also renovated one large stucco wall with a measurement of 60 x 15 stories. We will be finishing the parapet walls to complete this project in May of 2016.