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Marine Services

Coatings & Linings

Overview of Marine Coatings and Lining Services

Long Painting Company offers a wide range of marine painting and maintenance services for new and existing vessels including tug boats, ferry boats, fishing vessels, and barges. We understand that dry dock time is critical and we work closely with your personnel to perform the work in a safe and efficient manner often completing the work ahead of schedule. Our company is QP1 and QP2 certified allowing us to work on Corps of Engineering and federal projects. We have experienced shipyard personnel on staff along with SSPC trained painters and NACE III certified superintendents.

Abrasive Blasting

We provide several mobile surface preparation and blasting systems ranging from polishing aluminum hulls with glass beads to removing lead based coatings.


To prevent corrosion on your hulls we can provide surface prep from pressure washing to sand blasting. Coatings include anti-fouling for ocean going vessels.

Non-Skid Deck Coating Application

Our marine coatings applicators have the training and specialized equipment to efficiently remove existing deck coatings and apply a variety of non-skid coatings.

Machinery Spaces and Piping

To improve safety and insulation and protect against corrosion aboard your vessels we can apply ceramic coatings in engine rooms and interior surfaces.

QP2 Lead Abatement

Long Painting Company is SSPC certified for lead abatement and will provide lead trained competent personnel on your project to ensure the proper handling and disposal of lead.

Tank Linings

We have confined space safety programs to ensure safe access to all tanks while a variety of coatings from potable water to thick film plural component coatings are being applied.

Topside Exterior

Surface preparation of the exterior surfaces to include the removal of all soluble salts prior to prepping the surfaces for coating.

Marine Projects