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Surface Preparation

Long Painting Company offers a wide variety of surface preparation solutions to address the specific requirements of your project. Whether your project is a lab floor, structural steel, or a parking deck, Long Painting has the experience, mobility, and state of the art equipment to ensure your project is properly prepared prior to the application of paint and coatings.

Long Painting Company is staffed with fully certified applicators who are able to properly perform the appropriate services for surfaces like concrete, drywall, steel, and many others. Our team closely follows The Society for Protective Coating’s standards in order to protect the surfaces we prepare. The SSPC is the leading organization for standards, certifications, and support in the painting industry. Following the SSPC guidelines, we at Long Painting are thorough and efficient when it comes to surface preparation. 90% of failures on the job are related to careless surface preparation – something our team takes very seriously!


Commercial Projects