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Elastomeric Roof Coating

Long Painting Company is an official certified applicator of several elastomeric roof coating systems. Elastomeric roof coatings provide waterproofing and cooling while significantly reducing heavy metal zinc run-off, particularly on galvanized roofs. Elastomeric roof coating is a process we use in which to protect a building from any incoming moisture. Intrusion of water causes coating to break down which is something we always like to avoid. Elastomeric roof coating is typically a reflective white coating that ultimately keeps an industrial building cooler.

How does Long Painting’s process work?

Our expert coating applicators begin by leveling the roof of whichever commercial building we are working on. After the roof is completely even, we patch areas that may need a little extra attention. Once everything is level, we apply the proper primer to the roof and add multiple mills of the white reflective coating. Once everything is all set, we can assure you that your building will be protected from moisture and any water puddling. 

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