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Decorative Finishes

Regardless of the look you want, Long Painting has the artisans on staff to make it happen. Our services include everything from faux, marbleizing, antiquing, and wood graining to gold leafing, graphics, and striping. Decorative finishing is the process we use to turn one material into a replicate of another material. For example, after multiple coatings and a faux finish, Long Painting Company can turn drywall into faux marble, completing the desired look in your residence or business! Long Painting offers decorative finishing on pillars, metal, wood, and anything else you can imagine.

Decorative finishing can even give metal an aged, rustic look. When we apply a black epoxy primer followed by a coat of epoxy with an additional copper powder. Both epoxies are then “aged” with a green acid in order to simulate the green aging of copper similar to what you see with the Statue of Liberty. The coating not only provides an aesthetic appearance, but also provides protection from rusting.



Commercial Projects