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No Magic, Just Science

Long Painting was happy to attend the 2014 SSPC conference at the most magical place on Earth – the Magic Kingdom (known to the United States Postal Service as Lake Buena Vista, Florida). It was great to see some familiar faces at this nationwide annual event.

The venue was magical, but painting is pure science. The SSPC – Society for Protective Coatings – is the only conference and exhibition dedicated 100% to protective, marine, industrial and commercial coatings. A hot topic at the 2014 conference was painter qualifications and certification as more customers demand a higher quality product from their painting contractors. The CAS (Certified Application Specialist) program is continuing to expand and will be introduced into the QP-9 program sometime in 2015. QP-9 sets the standard for application of architectural paints and coatings.

QP-9 Certification will require commercial applicators working for Long Painting to test through a pretty involved skills and written assessment in order to qualify to work on a project requiring this certification in the future. The industry is changing rapidly and as a company we will be keeping pace.

For more on SSPC and the QP programs, visit www.sspc.org.