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Meet Jim Polly, Project Engineer

Jim comes to us after 8 years in the United States Navy and a brief stint as a Project Estimator at Scott Coatings. In his military life, Jim was a firefighter.

We asked Jim what he thought his particular points of excellence as a Project Engineer tend to be. “I would have to say that I excel when it comes to personal interaction and communication with both our teams in the field, and our customers. I enjoy interacting with people as a part of this job” he said.

Born and raised in Tacoma, Jim was scholarship baseball player at Tacoma Community College.  An injury during his Sophomore year lead him to think about his future options outside of the diamond, and he decided to pursue military life.

When asked about how his military experience helps with his work at Long Painting Company, Jim had this to say:

“The Navy taught me to pay close attention to details and stay organized every day, or you or the person next to you could get hurt. At Long, I am working with plans and drawings on a daily basis so the attention to detail is extremely important, and I believed the Navy helped me succeed at that.”

Jim was excited to join Long Painting Company, and has found that the team is extremely helpful and welcoming. “Everyone has been willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help me learn the systems and processes” said Jim, “I like that Long Painting is a family oriented company.”

Jim was particularly pleased to learn from his coworkers how long they’d been at the company, and what that meant for his career prospects. “I was asking a few guys around the office how long they had been working for Long Painting, and I didn’t get any answers of less than 10 years. Knowing that this is a company that I can hopefully retire at is a good feeling” he said.

Jim and his wife Gina celebrated their one year anniversary in October of this year (2016) and are expecting their first child in May. They also have a dog—Harlow the golden doodle and live in Shoreline.

In his spare time, Jim enjoys spending time at his Colombia Riverfront property in Eastern Washington. He’s an avid golfer, skier, and hunter, and he enjoys watching the Mariners (winning or losing) and Seahawks.

We’re glad to have Jim on our team here at Long Painting Company and wish him the best!