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LPC Takes on the Tacoma LNG Project

The Tacoma LNG tank is an 8 million gallon liquid natural gas (LNG) storage tank. The facility was built for Puget Sound Energy for storing extracted LNG for export via sea carrier. The tank is lined with a steel liner that is insulated by perlite and encased in concrete for an operating storage temperature of -270° F. At this temperature, natural gas maintains a liquefied form, which is many times more dense than the natural gas used in many buildings which makes it viable for transport. The tank exterior is safe to touch and fluctuates with the surrounding temperature.

LPC painted the exterior of the tank, which has an estimated surface area of 69,000 sq. ft. To access the sides of the tank we used 135’ boom lifts, 90’ boom lifts and 65’ boom lifts which all worked in unison.

The work included pressure washing and concrete pore surfacing. The work included mechanical nozzles that required abrasive blasting and application of multi-component paint.  A non-skid surface was also added at the walkway landings for improved safety. Additional work included valve painting, exposed sheet pile painting and interior dry wall painting.