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We Love Our Service Center

At the beginning of 2016, our Service Center Manager Symantha Delacruz set out to improve the level of service offered by Long Painting Company. By suggesting a name change from “warehouse” to “Service Center,” we hope to better represent what we do at Long Painting Company. Rather than just storing products, we provide services–from paint, equipment, sundries to safety equipment–for our clients. At the Service Center, we are there at the beginning of a project and we will be there at the end of the project.

The Service Center focuses on communication in order to ensure the proper use of equipment out in the field. Educating people on how to properly use and maintain the equipment we provide is key to our–and everyone’s–success. The Service Center has also improved education around cleaning and returning equipment to allow for quick turnaround for the next project. Our Service Center has also accomplished brand standardization to allow for the appropriate parts to be in stock. So what is the benefit for our internal and external customers? It’s simple–we are able to complete projects on time and in budget.

The primary changes in the Service Center are standardization, revamped image, improved preventative maintenance programs, and better communication with the field. In the future, we hope to provide customer training programs, stronger job planning for our service projects, and more engagement with the field.

We are excited for the changes to our Service Center and look forward to the future!