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Long Painting’s Own 12th Fan

We are very excited to announce that we are currently working on a big project that is definitely worth celebrating. The Spanaway Water Company Tank 2 Repair and Recoat Project has been a blast.

The project includes abrasive blasting as well as the application of coatings to the exterior and interior tank surfaces. The exterior tank originally contained lead-based coatings and is in need of an update. The repair work that Long Painting will be working on includes replacing the dome vent and the ladder hinged entry cover. We will also install a dome safety railing, communication brackets, an interior ladder, and will improve the cathodic protection.

Long Painting will be able to complete this project with even more enthusiasm because of our own “12th,” our 30-ton Hopper that will support the sandblasting for the Spanaway Water Company project.

We love our “12th.” Recently, we painted the large Hopper in our very own blast and paint shop. We added two very important flags to fly freely in the wind. We love our country and we love the Seahawks! The Spanaway Water Company Tank 2 Repair and Recoat Project will be completed in 2016.