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Long Painting Meets Mortenson-Manson

Mortenson-Manson, a joint venture, is currently constructing a replacement seawall along Seattle’s Elliott Bay to protect critical infrastructure and utilities while enhancing the habitat through the area. The new seawall meets current seismic standards and will last more than 75 years, serving as the foundation for projects transforming Seattle’s future waterfront. We had the distinct honor of working with the project. Long Painting Company was hired to coat all of the lettering and stripping on 54 high panels, each measuring 8 by 20 feet. The High Performance Epoxy Coating was applied at Old Castle Precast prior to shipping panels to Elliott Bay for installation.

Long Painting Foreman Bruce Budworth worked tirelessly on the project and was kindly recognized by Lawrence Godsey of Mortenson-Manson for the professional manor he represented throughout the entire process. Godsey commented: “Bruce had to work around scheduling conflicts, weather delays, and the Old Castle operations, and did a fantastic job. I would happily recommend Bruce and Long Painting for the next job I’m assigned to.”

The other Long Painting team members on the Seattle Seawall were Estimator Bill Stevens, Project Manager Justin Corgiat, and Superintendent Josh Santos. Consider Long Painting for your next project in the Northwest when time, performance, safety, and quality are essential to the successful completion of your project.