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Long Painting April Foreman Safety Meeting

Dan Roush, the Environmental Health and Safety Director, discussed the dangers of injection injuries and covered immediate response procedures.

Work Force Development Manager, Clint Nold, gave a briefing on defensive communication in the construction environment, demonstrating the profitability of effective communication as well as the costs of poor communication.


The best was saved for last, President, John Fisher presented 5 Diamond Awards to the following employees:

Maurilio Venegas, Foreman of the Year (2017)

Eddie Henningsen, General Foreman of the Year (2017)


Project of the Year – Chief Joe Dam (2017)

Bill Newcomb, Estimator and Project Manager

Dan Santos, Superintendent

Andrew Otto, Superintendent and Foreman

Kurt Ribail, Foreman

Bruce Budworth, Foreman

Forrest Chapman, Foreman