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Lead Removal on the Minnesota State Capitol Building

Long Painting has a history of tackling the tough jobs.

Over the past several years, Long Painting has removed the lead and restored the window frames at Boeing Red Barn in 1998, Oregon State Hospital from 2009-2011 (where One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest was filmed), and most recently, the Minnesota State Capitol Building  from 2013-2015. We love projects like this.

The most important aspects of these types of projects are the containment of the lead dust and chips and the protection of our workers as well as those working in and around the building at the time. Our expert painters wear special suits and respirators to protect them from lead contamination. Full negative air containment and specially designed vacuums are also used to ensure every spec of lead is safely contained and properly disposed.

Sylas Whitfield, Long Painting Foreman, spent the last three years safely and meticulously removing the lead from both the interior and exterior windows on the Minnesota State Capitol Building. After removing the lead with a liquid remover, Sylas primed and re-painted all of the windows. Long Painting worked for JE Dunn the General Contractor on the project.

We are proud of our hard work. The Capital Building looks great!