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Heron Island Ferry Terminal

On occasion, Long Painting Company schedules visits to project sites with managers and office staff. We provide lunch while we work to incorporate our office personnel with the outside field work and vice versa. The events have proven to be successful for communication between all employees and clients as well as a better overall understanding of all that we do. Recently, we visited the Heron Island Ferry Terminal for one of these special days out. Robin Cruise and Jeff Engle brought lunch for Ed Henningson and his crew of four on mainland as well as lunch gift cards for the painters on Island Ferry Terminal. We also brought lunch for Andy with GC.

The Heron Island Ferry Terminal project consists of providing corrosion protection to steel supports. The steel structure is prepared to SSPC standards using needle guns, followed by an application of aluminum primer and urethane topcoat on both ferry landings. All work had to be performed over the water in the course of two weeks. The crew had to climb underneath the bridge and work closely on narrow planks. We prioritize safety at Long Painting Company, so our crew wore Tyvek suits, eye and ear protection, gloves, and life jackets. Beyond that, the crew practiced containment to capture loose paint chips and debris. The project has been very difficult–not to mention loud! The mainland terminal is in bad shape and has taken much more prep time to assure the task is done thoroughly. Our crew has been very dedicated and tough, working through rough weather conditions while keeping positive.

Our crew and customers were very appreciative of the afternoon. We were happy to provide lunch and gain a new appreciation of how Long Painting crews safely perform their tasks on challenging projects while delivering a high quality project to our customers.