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Congratulations to Long Painting’s Project of the Year!

Each year, Long Painting Company selects a “Project of the Year” out of several of our annual 5 Diamond Projects. A 5 Diamond Project achieves the highest marks in quality, safety, production, customer service, and profitability. We love recognizing the best of the best!

The 2015 Project of the Year was the “ Large Structural Steel Painting Project”! The 2015 project team winners included Project Manager John Morrison, Superintendent Ryan Cramer, Foreman CJ Schwab, and 10 of our best Painters.

The superstar team was required to pressure wash and use hand or power tools to clean any areas of corrosion to SP #2 or SP #3 prior to priming. All finishes included a coat of Mastic Epoxy as well as a coat of Urethane, brush and rolled to avoid any issues with overspray. The coatings were applied to several thousand feet of structural steel at a fully operational manufacturing facility while the other aspects of the construction job surrounded them. To make matters even more challenging, the project began in September with a potential completion date of November — before the real rain set in. Access to the structural steel was achieved using air-driven spider baskets suspended from the top of the platform support structure, lifts, and scaffolding. All Long Painting Company employees are highly trained on use and safety before working in a suspended scaffolding or rigging scenario.

Not only did this team hit all of their marks to gain 5 Diamond status, they were able to finish the project ahead of schedule with no disruptions. The owners were very please with Long Painting Company’s performance and have asked John and his team back for more work in the future.