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Bulk Terminal Loader Project

Long Painting provides regular maintenance painting to a Bulk Terminal Company that operates a potash handling facility located in the Northwest. Occupying 100 acres of land, the site includes rail systems, a storage shed and concrete berth, and a delivery system that can load potash from either the storage shed, or directly from rail cars onto waiting vessels at the berth. The system is able to move 6,000 lbs of potash per hour, and the berth can accommodate vessels of up to 55,00 metric tons of dead weight.

The on site storage shed is able to accommodate approximately 135,000 metric tons of potash in six separate storage bays and the site utilizes a dry dust collection system to ensure that it remains an environmentally responsible operation.

Due to the nature of the potash, which is salt (mined or manufactured) that contains water soluble potassium, but also rich in potassium chloride and sodium chloride, the facility requires constant painting and maintenance to protect structures and machinery.

In this particular case, our job was to prep and re-coat structural steel that is in constant contact with the corrosive fertilizer products that are handled at the terminal. This is an ongoing maintenance work which is done annually every year.

Due to the fact that the terminal cannot be shut down for prolonged periods of time, the tower took about 5 months to complete. A lot of cargo goes through the terminal! We were able to get the job done and work closely with on site management to coordinate our painting activities while the facility was in full operation.

Each year, Terminal management requests Foreman Larry Gobel to get the job done, and we’re very pleased with our ongoing relationship and record of safe, successful work at the site.