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A New Administrative Assistant Joins the LPC Team!

Recently, Heather Manning joined the LPC administrative team. She has spent the past 18 years, working for The Gear Works, located in Seattle.

Heather started in the front office, moved into an IT position, then went to work for the head of the Planning Department. When the head of the Planning Department retired, Heather was offered to take on their duties as well. It was quickly determined the company would have a hard time replacing Heather at the front desk. At that point, Heather decided to combine the positions (sales, planning, IT, and accounting) into one so she could not only remain at the front office,

but could ensure the duties were taken care of efficiently. She says she was pretty much a ‘girl Friday’ kind of employee.

Heather likes to drag friends out for a drive to the beach or to go camping, but mostly she enjoys staying home with her fur babies.

Stop by the front desk and give her a warm welcome!