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Long Painting at Evergreen College

Last summer, Long Painting Company had the privilege of completing a huge project for Evergreen College. The Seminar II Pedestrian Bridge Rehabilitation Project was a lot of hard and worthwhile work! The project primarily included sandblasting and painting eight bridges for the college–something that required our team to work ten hour days, six days a week–a rigorous and exciting adventure.

The Evergreen Bridge Rehabilitation Project began with the vision of restoring the bridges to a condition in which they would last another ten years before needing replacement. With Long Painting’s hard work and innovation, the bridges will likely last longer than that. Beyond simple painting and sandblasting, Long Painting caulked the joints of the bridges in order to sustain each bridge’s life–something that left the Evergreen College project managers with confidence in our work and our vision.

Here at Long Painting Company, we always strive to leave our customers and clients with the best impression. We take our work seriously and constantly strive to produce quality work with a focus on longevity, sustainability, and safety. We are very proud of our work at Evergreen College and are equally proud that they were so happy with the results.