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The 2016 Long Painting General and Safety Meeting

The 2016 general safety meeting was an opportunity for our company to re-affirm its core values and commitment to employee safety.

Vice President John Fisher kicked off the meeting with the following statements:

To our Employees:

“Life comes first. We are committed to the safety and welfare of our employees and their families and treat everyone with fairness, respect, and compassion while encouraging personal growth and professional development.”

To our Customers:

“We are committed to building and maintaining solid relationships with our customers and to being respectful, responsible, and responsive to their needs.”

Long is committed to company-wide integrity, including maintaining and expanding management best practices, consistently delivering a high quality product, and respecting both our community and society at large by being an esteemed corporate citizen.

Always conducting itself with an eye towards the future, the team at Long Painting operates with a long term perspective in mind. Whether analyzing risk and reward to sustain reinvestment in the company, or encouraging employee personal and professional growth, Long Painting Company understands that having  success today is the direct result of thinking and planning about tomorrow.

Service awards were given out to employees. Of particular note, Bill Newcomb and Leann Poussier both received recognition of their 25 years with Long Painting Company. Brent Haynes has been with the company for 20 years, and Phuc Le, Eddie Henningsen, and Mike Lester were recognized for their 15 years with the company.

Mike Wilkinson provided the annual review of safety performance to date and commented that we are continuing our industry-leading safe production mantra with reduced medical incidents in all areas of operations. Long Painting Company prides itself on maintaining its impeccable safety record and we’re proud of our employees for their efforts toward continuing safe working environments throughout the greater Pacific Northwest.

Denica Buckin reported on Long’s involvement with the community, highlighting our work with local food banks, adopt a family, and our support of wilderness firefighters.

Clint Nold emphasized continuing education and training as he outlined workforce keys to success. Team members have taken advantage of opportunities to gain certification through the local unions which allow them to take on more diverse jobs.

Jeff Engle and George Wood outlined some current and upcoming work the Long Painting family is excited about in the commercial, residential, Industrial and Marine markets.