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2015 Long Painting People in Action

Here at Long Painting, our team is like our family. We enjoy spending time together inside and outside of work, whether it be at a training seminar or at an outdoor picnic with our families. Enjoy some of our best pictures from the past year.

Whether we are hard at work…

Or celebrating one another’s accomplishments…

Or spending time with one another for special events.

What makes Long Painting is not the stellar safety record or the reputation for tackling the challenging projects bringing them in on-time and on-budget. It is the people that make Long Painting! 2015 was a great year for Long Painting and all of its people. We recruited and trained and honored and said our farewells to longtime friends. We thanked our customers for the opportunity to work for them. We enjoyed a day at Wild Waves with our families. We gave back to the communities we live and work in. We painted all kinds of structures beautifying and protecting on the ground and in the air. Our mission is to continue to offer our people a safe work environment, reward them for their accomplishments, and provide them opportunities to succeed in whatever career path they choose to follow.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do. To another great year with Long Painting!