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1994: Kingdome Emergency Roof Repair

  Named after its location in King County, the Kingdome opened in 1976 and was best known as the home stadium for the Seattle Seahawks and Mariners respective football and baseball franchises. The roof of the Kingdome had been problematic from the beginning. Due to several leaks in the foam roof early on, King County Read More »

50th Anniversary: 1989 – Formation of Hawaii Group

Long Painting Company had already been an established professional coatings application provider for over 20 years when they realized a lucrative potential in the neighboring Hawaiian Islands in 1989. During the 1990s, Hawaii experienced a boom in construction, directly correlated with a swell in Japan’s economy. According to Honolulu Magazine, Japanese investments had begun pouring Read More »

Celebrating 50 Years

Long Painting Company is celebrating it’s 50th year in operation. Stay tuned to this page to see write-ups on iconic projects and a few newer ones.