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Oregon Zoo Otter and Sea Lion Habitat

The Oregon Zoo (formerly the Washington Park Zoo), is home to hundreds of animals in a myriad of habitats. One of the more popular is the otter habitat (Eddy the Otter is a minor youtube celebrity with over 1.5 million views) and like any well used space, the otter habitat needs occasional upkeep and maintenance. Read More »

50th Anniversary: 1989 – Formation of Hawaii Group

Long Painting Company had already been an established professional coatings application provider for over 20 years when they realized a lucrative potential in the neighboring Hawaiian Islands in 1989. During the 1990s, Hawaii experienced a boom in construction, directly correlated with a swell in Japan’s economy. According to Honolulu Magazine, Japanese investments had begun pouring Read More »

Meet Jim Polly, Project Engineer

Jim comes to us after 8 years in the United States Navy and a brief stint as a Project Estimator at Scott Coatings. In his military life, Jim was a firefighter. We asked Jim what he thought his particular points of excellence as a Project Engineer tend to be. “I would have to say that Read More »