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LPC Team Earns Praise

“Rolando, Casey and John – outstanding craftsmen, absolute pleasure to work with, quality of work above and beyond expected. Thanks, Dan” ~Boeing/McKinstry project.   Kudos to the Team! Your hard work is appreciated — YOU are Long Painting Company.

Husky Stadium: BASF Project of the Year

Foreman Brent Haynes has seen a lot in his thirty seven years in the painting industry, but the Husky Stadium project was a unique challenge. Reaching the high, overhanging steel on both the north and south grandstand cantilevers required innovative rigging techniques. The north end in particular looms more than 100 feet high, with no Read More »

Husky Stadium: BASF Project of the Year

No Magic, Just Science

Long Painting was happy to attend the 2014 SSPC conference at the most magical place on Earth – the Magic Kingdom (known to the United States Postal Service as Lake Buena Vista, Florida). It was great to see some familiar faces at this nationwide annual event. The venue was magical, but painting is pure science. Read More »